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Welcome to our web page for Bloom Bud Insurance, thank you for taking the time to visit with us.

*Please visit to see our full website for the Bloom Bud Insurance division.  This page was created because of restrictions that still exist centered around imagery for this industry on digital platforms.

Our agency is family owned and operated; when you contact our office you will speak with the owner Mike Petrozzella directly.  We understand the challenges facing marijuana related businesses like yours and exactly what you need to be protected.  Dealing directly with the owner is important because you’ll be developing a relationship with your agent; you don’t want to have to worry about the person you’re working with potentially leaving the agency.  You should also note that our programs are available nationwide and we never charge any fees for our services to you, ever.  

Just reach out to us by phone (888-446-BUDS) or by sending a request in that nifty little box on this page.  We don’t bite and we don’t use high-pressure selling, we want to help you without adding to your stress.  Once you contact us you’ll have a conversation with Mike about your current situation so he can start to customize a cannabis / marijuana business insurance package that meets your specific needs.  This is certainly not a one size fits all insurance agency; every cannabis / marijuana related business is unique in its own way and we work with multiple carriers to ensure you have the right coverages.

If you have an existing plan in place we’ll review it and make sure it’s meeting all of your objectives.

If you don’t already have an insurance program in place that is not a problem, we work with many start-up MRB’s and love being with you from the beginning to share in your success.

We’d love the opportunity to chat with you so just reach out when you’re ready!

Below we’ve outlined some of the more common types of insurance you may or may not need, as we said earlier every business set-up is unique.

 Liability Insurance is required from day 1, when you sign your lease or start growing and selling your cannabis/ marijuana related products.  We will discuss whether you need premises liability, off-premises liability, products liability etc.  We will help you determine the proper coverage that suits your needs and customize a plan just for you.

 Property (and CROP) Insurance covers everything you need to perfect your product, from desk supplies to crops.  This protects your investment in your business and even covers your earnings if your operations are disrupted.  Your property insurance can include equipment breakdown coverage, which covers the cost to repair or replace your precious product making equipment.

 Property-in-Transit provides coverage for the transport of your property (product or equipment) up to a selected limit.

 Auto Insurance is vital for any business, whether or not you own a vehicle in the name of your business.  This insurance can cover not only vehicles that you do own, but those owned by employees.

 Workers Compensation is important whether you have one employee or one hundred, in fact, it’s required in most states.  Employees are categorized by their duties and a rate is determined based on your payroll.  Workers compensation offers protection for your employees; providing for medical coverage if involved in an accident and a portion of wages if work is missed.

 Supplemental Insurance is an additional benefit you can choose to offer your employees at no additional cost to you.

– Surety Bonds  may be required depending on which state you’re in, if that’s the case we have the market access to secure the bond you’ll need.

You handle the buds, we’ll handle the boring stuff.

Call (888) 446-BUDS (2837) or message us to discuss your options.

Our programs are available nationwide + U.S. Territories