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FEMA agrees to reopen all Superstorm Sandy flood claims

Following a meeting with U.S senators from New York and New Jersey and in response to allegations that some insurers in the National Flood Insurance Program may have denied claims from Superstorm Sandy based on altered engineering reports, FEMA has agreed to reopen every flood insurance claim filed by Superstorm Sandy victims. Approximately 144,000 claims will be affected by FEMA’s decision.

FEMA also announced that it will:

  • develop a process for all Superstorm Sandy victims who are nonlitigants, but believe their claims were unjustly denied or lowballed, to be reopened and reviewed;
  • guarantee claimants gain access to all engineering reports;
  • contact by mail all Superstorm Sandy claimants to make them aware of the new process and opportunity for review;
  • commence a Superstorm Sandy Task Force during the week of April 13, 2015, to begin evaluation of the program and focus on reforms; and
  • make personnel changes at senior levels of the NFIP